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January Reflections from the NAPE President, Mr. Abiodun Ogunjobi, FNAPE

Dear NAPE Members and Stakeholders,

As we embark on the journey to reposition NAPE for the new energy mix, I am delighted to share with you the impactful activities that have taken place in the month of January, aligning with the seven focus areas set to make NAPE the foremost geosciences association in Nigeria.

1. Exco Retreat: The NAPE Executive Committee kicked off the year with a strategic retreat in the serene environment of Epe. This retreat provided a conducive atmosphere for robust planning on short-to-mid-term initiatives for the association. We are excited about the outcomes and look forward to implementing them.

2. Membership Upgrade: We are thrilled to announce that the membership database upgrade is in progress, with the issuance of Membership Know Your Customer (KYC) forms. We appreciate the substantial response from our members. Members are encouraged to redeem their membership dues promptly. As we work towards enhancing our membership benefits, your active participation is crucial.

3. Increased Collaboration with Academia: NAPE is fostering stronger ties between universities and industry stakeholders. Our initiatives include the Pairing-to-Teach Programme (NAPE PTP), Grants-in-Aid program, NAPE TechQuip Initiative (NAPE TQI), and NAPE Train-the-Trainer. These programs aim to advance research, provide resources, and increase capacity in geosciences education.

  • Pairing-to-Teach Programme (NAPE PTP): Over 50 industry professionals have volunteered for this program, which is currently being paired with institutions.
  • Grants-in-Aid (GIA): The GIA program has been revamped with a dedicated committee, and we have successfully reconnected with over 75% of industry personnel who has an existing endowed grants for students for continuity. Increased pledges between 100-300% have been confirmed for 2024.
  • NAPE TechQuip Initiative (NAPE TQI): This is an initiative aimed to support our institution with software applications and equipment. NAPE is currently executing a memorandum of agreement with a software provider to provide Rock physics and Seismic-suite applications to selected universities, thus enhancing research and development capacities.
  • NAPE Train-the-Trainer: Engaging corporate members to provide training opportunities for lecturers in their facilities, thus increasing the capacity of our educators.

4. Bridging Geosciences and Public Policy: Our engagement with the National Assembly on January 31, 2024, was a significant milestone. We propose the establishment of a yearly event, “Petroleum Resources Stakeholder Interactive Day,” to strengthen ties with lawmakers and enhance collaboration for industry development. This event will provide a platform for an in-depth exchange of ideas and perspectives, emphasizing the essential role of legislators in shaping laws and regulations affecting the oil and gas industry. NAPE highlighted the need for constant interaction and information sharing with the National Assembly. We emphasized the essential role that legislators play in crafting laws and regulations that directly affect the oil and gas industry. Our objective is to enhance this partnership, as both organizations must work together to overcome the challenges that the industry is currently facing and evolve, creating means of unlocking more value for the industry. There was a common understanding that collaborative efforts and informed decision-making are critical foundations for creating positive change and maintaining the oil and gas industry’s long-term success. We both acknowledged the necessity of robust industry-legislative cooperation in creating a favorable climate for the oil and gas sector to thrive.

5. Geoscience Knowledge Sharing: The current executive team is revitalizing our value proposition to members. The NAPE Learning Centre is in progress, and we are committed to transforming NAPE into the leading source of innovative petroleum geosciences knowledge and skilled professionals.

Save the Date: The NAPE technical business meeting will commence in February. We urge all members to participate actively, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration within our community.

As we continue to strive for excellence, your engagement and support remain pivotal to the success of NAPE. Together, let us make NAPE the most recognized and paramount geosciences association in Nigeria.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment.

Best Regards,

Abiodun Ogunjobi, FNAPE
President, Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE)