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End of Year Message from the NAPE President

Mrs. Patricia Ochogbu, FNAPE

Dear members, as we approach the end of the year 2020, I would like to thank you for your contributions for the continuation of our professional organisation activities.

For many of us, this is many years rolled into one, both in our personal and professional lives, however we rose to the challenge and overcame factors within our control. Those without – we stayed strong!

As we approach 2021, I like to enjoin you to continue to stay safe, enjoy time with your loved ones and let’s come back strong.

May the memories of those we lost in year 2020 continue to be a blessing.

To our colleagues who will be away from families during this period, manning our member organizations platforms and operations, we say thank you and wish you a good time out there, as we must as professional explorationists, stay accountable as we develop opportunities that bring energy and improve the socio economic status of our nation and lives.

Happy New Year in advance