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NAPE Webinar Series – June Edition with Mele Kyari FNAPE, GMD NNPC

The Special Guest Speaker was Mele K. Kyari, FNAPE and the Moderator was Abdullateef Amodu, NAPE Publicity Secretary. The Topic was: THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE NIGERIAN OIL & GAS INDUSTRY – THE WAY FORWARD

It is clear that the Nigerian oil & gas industry’s deliberate response to the new realities will determine growth or dearth of this sector.

  • How do players in the oil & gas space manage the critical risks and uncertainties in the context of crude oil production reliability, supply chain logistics, OPEX, digital solutions, community relations, security and financial obligations to banks.
  • In the full value chain of the industry which section has been most vulnerable and impacted?
  • Are there near to long term effects of the pandemic on oil & gas projects and investments options in Nigeria and how can regulators soften the impact of COVID-19 on the industry? What about palliatives for this industry?
  • How can one maintain a healthy workforce during COVID-19? What will be the impact on Job security and the Job market? What are the trade-offs and business balance?
  • What are the lessons from this combo, pandemic – oil price crash situation on the oil & gas industry?
  • What steps are needed to reposition Nigeria’s oil & gas industry for competitiveness post COVID-19? And what are the key roles of the stakeholders in the road map to recovery post COVID-19?

Mele Kolo Kyari, FNAPE GMD NNPC was on the NAPE online platforms including Zoom, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube Live on Wednesday, 10th June 2020 and he discussed the critical challenges and the proposed strategies to position the Nigerian oil & gas industry for growth.

Questions was taken LIVE on all NAPE Online Platforms (Zoom, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube)

Alex N. Tarka, CPG, FNAPE
President, NAPE

Patricia Ochogbu, FNAPE
President-Elect, NAPE

Abdullateef Amodu
Publicity Secretary, NAPE