NAPE Bulletin

The bulletin of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists contains technical papers and proceedings of the Annual International Conference and Exhibitions. Other papers adjudged suitable are also published in the Bulletin.




i- viii: NAPE Bulletin Content Page 2020

1-7: De-risking Fluid Type in Unpenetrated Fault Compartment

8-17: An Integrated Approach to Dealing with Fluid Type

18-27: Formation Related Drilling Difficulty

28-35: Exploration for Deeper Sources

36-44: Quality Approach to Hydrocarbon Prospect Analysis

45-51: Ascertaining Economic Viability

52-58: Ascertaining Economic Viability

59-81: Provenance of the Campanian-Maastrichtian Sandstone

82-88: In Search of Deepwater Stratigraphic Traps

89-107: Integrated 3D Reservoir Modelling

108-112: Node on Node Highly Repeatable Acquisition

113-120: Utilization of Big Data Analytics





i- viii NAPE Bulletin Content Page

1-11: Use of Uncertainty Scenario Modeling to Optically Execute Drill Wells: Case of a Deepwater Field in Niger Delta, Offshore Nigeria

12-22: Impact of Grain Size-XRD Smart Models-In Field Development Plan and Completion Strategy

23-31: An Integrated Drillwell Optimization Approach to Maximise Production and Reduce Costs in a Complex Graben Reservoir Structure in Usari Field, Nigeria JV

32-41: Enhancing the Life Cycle of Mature Fields

42-49: Challenges of Maturing Infill Opportunities in a Brownfield-The Primera Field Experience

50- 57: Multiple-Point Geostatistical Modeling of Turbidite and Channel Sands, Deepwater Niger Delta

58-62: Improving Well Deliverability Estimation-Infill Drilling Case: Tips and Lessons Learned

63-71: Shear Wave Velocity Estimation for Optimum Reservoir Evaluation in the Niger Delta

72-76: Integrating Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) Data for Safe Drilling of High Pressure (HP) Frontier Exploration Onshore Niger Delta

77-83: Value of 4D Seismic in Field Development Drilling and Minimizing Well Interventions in a Maturing Deep Offshore Turbidite Field

84-92: Reducing Exploration Drilling Uncertainty in Overpressured Zones Using Seismic Interval Velocity and AVO Modeling in Deepwater Niger Delta

93-104: The Prediction of Hydrocarbon Bearing Zones and Reservoir Performance Using Logs Sensitivity to Elastic Parameters in X Field Onshore Niger Delta

105-118: Subsurface Assessment of Reservoirs for Underground Gas Storage



i- viii NAPE Bulletin Content Page 2019

1-5: Integration of Seismic Scale Reservoir Connectivity into Depletion Planning in Deepwater Fields, Offshore Niger Delta

6-11: MPS Nested Facies Model Approach Using 3D Kriged Well Data As Soft Probability Cube – AIDO Sand Case Study

12-23: Sequence Stratigraphy of Niger Delta – A New Look at “Ake and Eta” Fields Onshore, Western Niger Delta

24-31: High Frequency Flow Unit Interpretation Critical to Understandinding Production Behavior-Implications for Reservoir Development and Infill Drilling

32-35: Strategies for Reducing Re-Development Cost through Optimized Drillwell Planning

36-45: Chronicles of a Complex Turbidite Reservoir Development

46-48: Lithology and Porefill Prediction Using Rock Physics and Simultaneous Inversion: Implication for HPHT Frontier Exploration Onshore Niger Delta

49-54: Impact of Spectral Decomposition Technology on Opportunity Generation and Maturation in a Deepwater Field, Offshore Nigeria

55-62: A Robust Method for Developing 3-D Hydrocarbon Saturation Distributions

63-70: Discrimination of Fluid and Lithology Using Extended Elastic Impedance (EEI) from Modified Zoeppritz Equation

71-83: Unconventional Approach to Gas Storage for Potential Future Monetization – A Shallow Offshore Niger Delta Field Case Study

84-88: Resolving Early-Time Well Performance Rate Issues Using Mer Test