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Lagos September Technical/Business Meeting

The Lagos September Technical/Business Meeting was held 20th September 2023. The Topic of the presentation was “Deformation Timing and Structural Geometries – Implications for Trapping and Overpressure in Deep Offshore Niger Delta“.
The speaker was Vincenzo SPINA, PhD., he is a Structural Geology Specialist in TotalEnergies EP.

The presentation focused on a sector of the deep-water Niger Delta characterized by thrusts and folds, with variable orientation and morphometric characteristics, cored by thick overpressure shales. Specifically, using 3D seismic data, it will describe the structural style, kinematic compatibility, and their relative chronology, deformation mode of the shales, illustrate and compare the structural style in the area with analogues. We will discuss the potential implication for exploration and provide a quantitative volumetric balance between the syn-sedimentary units and the over-thickening of the anticlines core.

The presentation demonstrates that the volumes of syn-kinematic units roughly balance those of the shales accumulated in thickened fold cores, which is consistent with folding resulting from buckling controlled by the competence contrast between isopach Cenozoic units and underlying over-pressured shales of the Akata Formation. This interpretation rules out the occurrence of multiple thrust flats.

For the meeting recording Click Here.