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From the Publicity Secretary’s Desk

Tunbosun Afolayan, Publicity Secretary

August Round Up: The tool call “Collaboration.”

I form my speech in my head before writing it down and while I mostly remember, this time I can’t find the perfect theme, so I am going with how I feel right now. I will go for ‘’collaboration’’ as the August theme for NAPE activities.

As I write this piece, my mind is drawn to the importance and emphasis placed on “collaboration” as a vital tool for thriving in the Energy Transition paradigm and how we can best reposition NAPE for the emerging energy landscape

Collaboration was one of the two themes we focused at the 2021 NAPE Fellow’s retreat. Collaboration is slightly different from team-working because it embodies the desire to win together, as against everyone just simply coming together to do their own part. Collaboration is about support for the goal, it is about achieving success. This skill set has proven to be one of the key recipes for exceptional success in our various multi-cultural and integrated teams and it builds strong communal growth.

In August, we explored this tool strategically amidst the prevailing health and industry uncertainty in which the programmes and activities of our great Association were held.
This month, beyond our scheduled knowledge sharing sessions where we collaborated with industry members, sponsors, and organizations and an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM); we extended our frontiers. Our distinguished President, Mrs. Patricia Ochogbu, FNAPE participated in these key industry collaboration events: namely, the Nigerian Annual International Conference & Exhibition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) ; presented a consolidated NAPE position on the nation’s Maximum Economic Recovery (MER) strategy of the Department of Petroleum Resources, held a joint ‘ Night of Tributes’ with the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS) in honour of late Prof. Sunday Williamson Petters; and as the month was coming to a close, delivered a keynote address on the topic “Post-PIB Opportunities; Strengthening the Roles of Local Content” at the Nigeria Oil and Gas Outlook conference at the Civic Centre , Victoria Island , Lagos.

Things happen in a flurry these days, and I continue to relish the experience and honour that comes with being a member of NAPE, I hope you do too. I look at the commitment of our current Executives and how much of their time they devote to this Association, I am convinced that our future is brighter, and we must continue to protect it, while adapting positively to the change that beckons.

A Special “PS” shout out goes to Mr. Joe Olayomi, Gas Development Manager at Chevron who facilitated the 2-day NAPE Summer Short Course on Resource Economics and all our Chapter Coordinators who keep filling our coffers with mind-shaping technical sessions. If you didn’t make out time to attend any this past month, I invite you to ensure you be a part of September events.

The energy industry is changing, your knowledge base deserves an upgrade, and you get all these and more from your NAPE membership. Our scheduled programmes and events are not limited to technical knowledge sharing sessions or networking sessions, they also include peers /industry leaders’ insight, experience sharing, and short courses designed to broaden and deepen your personal and professional skills.

Looking Ahead
The Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) is now live. As a key contributor to the industry, I would encourage you to take time to read this enacted Act and begin to use the provisions as signposts to how your organisational business is conducted. Do ensure that the copy you assess is the signed one, more of this will be shared at the forthcoming conference and if time permits before then.

NAPE is looking forward to welcoming her Academia, and Industry community members to the 10th NAPE Mini Conference (3rd as a collaborative event with the Nigerian Mining and Geological Society). The biennial conference this year is scheduled for 22nd – 26th September 2021 and our host is the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. NAPE Technical and Business meeting continues as a mix of virtual events, with a physical Lagos Business meeting scheduled for the 29th of September.

As part of the Mini conference planning, I would like to remind you about the on-going “Sponsor a Student from your Alma mater” drive. This way you get the chance to support beneficiaries to attend the NAPE NMGS Mini conference.

In Closing
I would like to invite you to volunteer for NAPE. Volunteering, while non-stipendiary, is a great way to learn and build project delivery and leadership skills, together with great human connections. If you are interested, the right place to start is to send a mail to the membership officer, whose details are on the nape website –

Remember this: Change is Inevitable, Your Progress is a Choice.

Till next month,
Tunbosun Afolayan.
NAPE Publicity Secretary