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The programme started at about 11:20am with 38 participants in attendance. The technical session was hosted by Mr. David Anomneze, NAPE YP Lead who introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Muyiwa Olawoki, Managing Consultant at Geospectra Nigeria Limited. Dr Muyiwa started by introducing himself and giving an insight on his over 30 years blossom professional career in the oil and gas industry before starting his own company. Read more...

NAPE YP Social Hangout at Lekki Conservation Centre
The 18th of March, 2017 was a day that earmarked the NAPE Young Professionals social hangout, with support from the NAPE and AAPG Africa leadership. The hangout was held at the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.
The event was graced by Young and Senior Professionals. Notable senior industry leaders at the event include Mr. Nosa Omorodion (NAPE IPP), Mr. Femi Esan (President Elect. AAPG AR), Mr. Gilbert Odior (FNAPE and Past President of AAPG AR), Chief Godwin Oboh, Mr. Kazeem Koleoso, Mr. Richmond Osuji and Dr. Bernard Ebere.


YP Leadership Series - Episode 5 with Nedo Osayande
The NAPE YP Leadership series is an interactive session featuring senior professionals with inspiring stories to share with YPs in a bid to inspire, teach, challenge, encourage and answer pressing questions from YPs.
The fifth edition of the NAPE YP leadership series was held on 24 March 2017 at the NAPE Headquarters, Femi Okunnu Housing Estate, Lekki Peninsula. The speaker of this session was Mr Nedo Osayande, Chairman of Belema Oil Producing. His discussion was focused on "building a successful career and early retirement plan". He gave life examples of his challenges during the early days of his career and how he was able to pull through beyond all odds.
He encouraged all YPs to be technically sound in their respective disciplines ensuring that projects are delivered with top quality and within stipulated time. The bigger the challenges, the greater the rewards, said Nedo Osayande. Young professionals from various companies were present for the session while some others joined the session via online YouTube google hangout.


L-R: Ifeoma Umeokoli, Christopher Jackson, Nedo Osayande, Deborah Ige, Austin Mgbemere and Chinazo Eloji at YP Leadership series Episode 5

Exciting World of Geology Outreach at Covenant University
The NAPE young professionals were invited to make a presentation to the physics department of Covenant University. The presentation was geared towards enlightening the students on the breadth and depth of activities in the Oil and Gas Industry especially the upstream business. Four young professional were present to champion the presentation: Austin Mgbemere, Christopher Jackson, Joy Gabriel and Julius Adesun. The outreach was held on Thursday 30 March 2017. The program began at about 12:36pm, with the Head of Department of Physics giving the opening remarks. He encouraged the students to listen attentively to the session.

YP3 Group photograph of YPs with Lecturers and Students of Physics Department, Covenant University

The presentation entitled “An Integrated Geoscience Approach in Petroleum Exploration and Production”, was delivered by Dr. Christopher Jackson, who talked about various aspect of geosciences, specifically tailored to the oil and gas industry. He also explained various subsets of geophysics and how they come to play in the oil and gas industry. It was an educative session, one that had both students and lecturers asking a lot of questions.
Next was a brief talk by the YP lead, Austin Mgbemere, on the requirements to open a NAPE student chapter in the university and the advantages of doing so. He also encouraged the students to take advantage of the opportunity availed to them, as it would surely benefit them later in their careers. The university was enthusiastic about this and promised to keep contact with the YP Lead to ensure that the chapter was established. Austin thanked the management for hosting the YPs and for the privilege to share the talk with the department. Dr. Mrs. Odukoya, a lecturer in the department gave a vote of thanks to conclude the program at about 2:30pm.

YP Social Hangout – Port Harcourt Edition
Young Professionals’ gathered to hold another epic event on May 29th 2017. A social event characterized with lots of fun, interesting games, discussions session and refreshments. The event was tagged; AAPG/NAPE YP Social Hangout, Garden City Edition. It was the second edition in the series for the year but first of its kind held in Port Harcourt. Its objective was to bring Young Professionals together on a social ground to foster interactions; networking and communication amongst each other while also encouraging YP’s participation in AAPG and NAPE activities. The Local Organizing Committee members for this event were: Demola Lanisa, Doyin Orekoya, Austin Mgbemere, Adeolu Aderoju, Christabel, Horsfall Nathaniel and Chibuzor. In attendance, there were a total of 58 people present, 5 Senior Professionals and 53 Young Professionals.


YPs and invited Panelists

The event kick started with engagements of YPs with various sporting activities as a warm up for the day. The sport and game coordinator (Mr. Calistus) led the team of participants in a brief physical fitness exercise; this lasted for about 10 minutes followed by a short football session and then a torque of war. The torque of war is described as a game of two teams contending for the possession of a specially made rope. The winning team is described as one who successfully takes possession of the rope beyond the reach of the other team. For more pictures, Click Here.

YP Leadership Series - Episode 6 with Catherine U. Ifejika
Young Professionals (YPs) of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) and the African Region of American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) had the sixth episode of the Leadership Series with the Chairman/CEO of Brittania-U Petroleum Ltd., Mrs Catherine U. Ifejika, which had the special appearance of the Head of Upstream, Department of Petroleum Resources, Mrs Pat Maseli. The leadership session with the theme “Breaking gender barriers in the petroleum industry – The Brittania-U story” was held on Friday 23 June 2017 at the company’s premises in Lagos and also broadcasted live for the benefit of online listeners.

YP Episode6

Cross section of YPs with Mrs Catherine Ifejika, CEO Brittania-U and Mrs Pat Maseli, Head of Upstream DPR

 The YPs had an opportunity to get to know about the personal life of the guest speaker, her company and the challenges she has faced before attaining the present day’s feat. Amongst all that she shared with the YPs were; the attributes she possesses that have contributed to her success, her driving force, her take on what the future holds for the YPs, balancing work and family, her advice for the YPs who are interested in being entrepreneurs, the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) and challenges which Brittania-U Petroleum Ltd. is being faced with as a company. Mrs Pat Maseli also shared her inspiring success story into the petroleum industry, having studied botany for her BSc degree.
The duo urged the YPs to work on themselves, get armed with great value system in order to unleash potentials which they never knew existed within them. It was also stressed that there is no disparity in what could be achieved in life based on gender, but on personal drive.

YP Technical Session on WhatsApp Group Page
The first which was delivered on 12th August 2017 by Mr Kunle Bolomope of Pioneer-Alfa Petroleum Services, was on Reservoir characterisation and geology of the Niger Delta Basin. The second episode was delivered on 19th August 2017 by Mr Julius Adesun of Newcross Petroleum Limited on Bridging the gap between Time-Depth Relationship.

YP Meet and Greet at Lagos Yacht Club
In its drive to also develop the networking skills of its members, the YP Executive Committee also organised a Meet and Greet event, which was graced by Senior Professionals (SPs) in the industry on 25th August, 2017 at the Lagos Yacht Club, Victoria Island, Lagos. This was a moment for the YPs to learn from the SPs and network.

YP5 Mr. Biodun Adesanya FNAPE giving his address

YP Leadership Series - Episode 7 with Nosa Omorodion
On Friday, October 13, 2017, the seventh episode of the Leadership Series which also doubled as the Independence Edition, was held at the Schlumberger Office, Victoria Island Lagos. The Young Professionals had the privilege of interacting with the speaker, Mr Nosa Omorodion FNAPE as he shared his insights on the topic, Energy, Economy & Entrepreneurship: a chat on the impact of motivated Young Leaders on Nigeria’s Economy. The IPP (Immediate Past President) of NAPE spoke about the roles YPs can play in improving the Nation’s economy by taking necessary actions.


Group picture of the attendees with Mr. Nosa Omorodion FNAPE

YP Weekend Technical Lecture with Dr Benard Ebere
The 3rd episode of the Technical Series was held on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at the NAPE Secretariat, Lekki Lagos. The Technical Series titled Reservoir Characterisation for Exploration and Field Development Study: a Prerequisite for Subsurface Investigation was delivered by Dr Benard Ebere, Senior Production Geoscientist with Seplat Petroleum. It was an avenue for the YPs to learn from the wealth of experience of the speaker on petroleum exploration, development, well operations and economics.


Group picture of YPs present and Dr. Benard Ebere at the end of the session

 The YP committee appreciate all sponsors and senior professionals that have been instrumental to the success of  their programs in 2017. Indeed, it’s been an amazing year for the YP Committee and they look forward to greater programs and sponsorship aimed at developing the YPs in the next administrative year.

Young Professionals Leadership Series Episode 01

The Young Professional (YP) Committee of our prestigious association- Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) rolled out a new initiative tagged “THE LEADERSHIP SERIES” which is expected to be hosted in all NAPE Chapters in Nigeria – Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Warri and of course Lagos State. The Leadership Series is a program planned for the NAPE YPs to interact with seasoned professionals in the oil and gas industry.
The series targets individuals who have distinguished themselves in the oil & gas industry over time, and provides a platform for interactions that would avail the Young professionals the opportunity to share lessons, knowledge and life experiences from these well-seasoned industry leaders. These interactions also provide the student opportunities to expand their horizon and to discover areas in their lives requiring further development.
As young and innovative people, the YPs have decided to host the program via Google Hangout whereby all members of the association can participate by streaming the video on youtube at the time of the broadcast. The first episode of this laudable initiative held on Wednesday, 23rd March 2016 and we had the privilege to interview Mr. Abiodun ADESANYA, FNAPE, Managing Director of  Degeconek Nigeria Limited whose love and support for young people is simply unparalleled. He also shared his wealth of knowledge with the YPs.
The program gave the YPs (and other members of the wider NAPE community) the opportunity to know more about Mr. Abiodun Adesanya, FNAPE, his professional profile, and career path over the past 33 years of his professional experience in the oil and gas industry. The topic “Young Professional’s Response to Current Industry Realities: Self Awareness, Adaption and Resilience” was masterfully dissected by Mr. Adesanya
In his remark, he urged the YPs to take responsibility for developing themselves. He believes that the YPs shouldn’t be despised but supported, as they would be the future professionals of the oil and gas industry. Mr. Adesanya had a long list of advice for the YPs which include; YPs should take their destinies in their hands, YPs should have aspirations, and shouldn’t be too comfortable with where they are in their career path and YPs should endeavour not to work with other people’s templates. He further stated that the YPs should attend conferences, take interest in the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) prepare their Curriculum Vitea (CV) very professionally and be informed of happenings in their environment.
In conclusion, he said, YPs shouldn’t regret studying geosciences due to the current challenges in the oil and gas industry, because it is a cyclical event and there is still hope for the future.
The session was hosted by the NAPE YP Lead, Mr. Austin MGBEMERE. He moderated the successful event, at the end he encouraged the young professionals to join them to make more impact in the industry and to also look out for more upcoming programs of the YP in the course of the year.
The second YP leadership series is planned for the 22nd April,  2016 and tagged “Local Content Drive: The young professional’s Role”. Mr. Bank-Anthony Okorafor, the CEO of CB Geophysical Solutions Limited Port Harcourt and Chair, PETAN, will be resource personnel.
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