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Warri Chapter September Technical Meeting

The Warri Chapter September Virtual Technical Meeting was held 28th September 2023. The topic was “Sequence Stratigraphy and Play Demarcation in Predicting Stratigraphic and Hydrocarbon Distribution” and the speaker was Dr. Olimma Ufuoma Alison.

Sequence stratigraphy application is best described and utilised where complete data set including well logs, seismic data, biofacies, core, ditch cuttings as well as the chronostratigraphic chart, are integrated to subdivide the sedimentary succession into genetically related packages. This provide the framework for correlation required for building models suitable for uniquely defined geological settings.
Meanwhile, some fields may not have complete data set and most significantly biostratigraphy information required to resolve challenges associated with stratigraphic continuity, hence the development of the play concept. This concept identifies the dominance of a particular stacking pattern that defines the overall stratal relationships across the field which further refines the sequence into smaller scale units.

For the details/recording of the meeting, Click Here.