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NAPE Pairing-to-Teach Programme (NAPE PTP) – Call for Industry Volunteers

Click Here for Call for Industry Volunteers

The NAPE University Assistance Programme (UAP) plans to introduce a Pairing-to-Teach Programme (NAPE PTP). In this initiative, interested Industry personnel are paired up with lecturers to teach specific BSc / MSc Geoscience courses especially subjects relating to petroleum geoscience or geophysics (classroom, laboratory or field courses). Modules or topics handled by the industry personnel can be done online or physical. If you are a willing volunteer, kindly select your preferred topics from any of the options below.

NAPE would pair you with a lecturer handling such course/topic from amongst our universities. You are free to suggest other areas not captured in these options. The courses/topics have been collated based on feedback from NAPE Faculty Advisors and Heads of Geoscience Departments from over 20 universities across the country. Please note that you can still select a topic even if you plan to handle only a part of it or you have other topics different from the ones included in this survey.

NAPE will reach out to your management as well as the university leadership for mention of your role as a volunteer instructor.

Thank you and kind regards.

Click Here for Call for Industry Volunteers