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Benin Chapter Technical/Business Meeting

The Benin Chapter July Technical Meeting was held Thursday 27th July, 2023. The Topic of the presentation was Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Petrophysical Modeling and the Speaker was Tunde Farotimi, a Senir Petroleum Engineer and WRM Consultant. In this study, petrophysical modelling is vital for understanding reservoir behavior and optimising hydrocarbon recovery. To achieve this, the estimation of petrophysical parameters at well locations is essential, while various geostatistical techniques is then used to estimate and distribute properties from well location. However, limited well data poses challenges in accurately estimating petrophysical properties between well locations. Also, geostatistical techniques such as variogram analysis and kriging heavily rely on spatial continuity and may lead to uncertainties and compromised reliability when data is scarce.

For details of the meeting, Click Here.