Nonye Blessing Niyi-Afolabi

Name: Nonye Niyi-Afolabi

Company: Laser Engineering & Resources Consultants Ltd.

Telepnone: 08111652652


Preferred call name: Madam Nonye

Executive position:Assistant General Secretary (AGS)

Goals for office: (Top 3):
1. Membership database clean up which also ensures that every member receives NAPE communication, email/SMS.
2. Drive Membership Registration.
3. Prompt/early payment of dues (email automation to members for prompt payment of dues).

Current Professional Affiliation: Laser Engineering & Resources Consultants Ltd.

Academic Affiliation(s):
University of Port Harcourt,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Things I enjoy: People ( good people) relation (a.k.a. socialization), good food, music, etc.

If three words could describe you, what would that be?: Jolly Good Fellow.