Dr. Ekere Akpan

Name: Dr. Ekere Akpan

Company: Savannah Energy

Telephone: 08030555976

Email: ekere77@yahoo.com, ekere.akpan@savannah-energy.com

Preferred call name: Dr. Ekere

Executive position: Uyo/Calabar Chapter Coordinator (UCC)

Goals for office: (Top 3)
1. Membership growth target of 500 members for 2021
2. Mobilization of more corporate members in the chapter
3. Develop student’s chapters in the zone for synergy

Current Professional Affiliation: NAPE, AAPG, SEG

Academic Affiliation(s): Ph.D. (Petroleum Geosciences)

Things I enjoy: Reading and Martial Arts

If three words could describe you, what would they be: Honest, Amiable and Firm.