Dr. Abimbola Adewole Durogbitan

Name: Abimbola Adewole Durogbitan (PhD)

Company: Amni International Petroleum Development  Company

Telephone: +447545822428

Email: adewoledurogbitan@yahoo.co.uk

Preferred call name: Abimbola

Executive position: UK/Europe Chapter Coordinator

Goals for office: (Top 3)
1. To contribute to the practical sustainability of the Association through effective interaction with the NAPE members and partners within the UK and Europe

2. To grow the membership and Professional networking within the Chapter

3. Working with Association and Executives to achieving successful Technical conferences and workshops

Current Professional Affiliation: AMNI

Academic Affiliations: BSc Ilorin…. MSc Ibadan…. PhD Manchester

Things I enjoy: Reading, teaching and helping people.

If three words could describe you, what would they be: Dependable and having great flairs for details.