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2017 NAPE Aret Adams Awards, Ben Osuno Awards, Fellowship Awards and Honorary Membership Awards details are as follows:

Aret Adams Awards:

The Award, named in honour of the Late Chief Aretanekhai (Aret) Godwin Adams and his commitment to excellence, is the highest award bestowed by NAPE. It is given to deserving Earth Scientists of any nationality, in recognition of distinguished and outstanding contributions to, or achievements in the sciences and practice of petroleum exploration and exploitation in Nigeria for a continuous period of 15 years or more.

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Ben Osuno Awards: 

The NAPE Ben Osuno Pioneering Excellence Award recognizes and celebrates excellence and outstanding contributions by individuals or groups in pioneering activities in the field of the earth sciences in general and the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry in particular. The award honors members who by their individual or collective actions have demonstrated exceptional creativity and leadership, in proposing, pioneering and/or transforming approaches to major challenges in the oil and gas industry or the academia in related fields.

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Fellowship Awards:

The NAPE Fellowship Awards honor NAPE members who have distinguished themselves by their long-term service and commitment to advancing the science, practice and profession of petroleum geology and to the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE).

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Honorary Membership Awards:

The NAPE Honorary Membership Awards honor non-members who by their profession, position/office, career or business have had a significant and positive, impact on the affairs of NAPE and the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry at large. He or she does not have to be a professional in the Oil & Gas industry.

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