The voting exercise for election of 2019/2020 Executive Committee positions commences on Friday AUGUST 30 and is expected to close by 11.59pm on Tuesday OCTOBER 15, 2019. All FINANCIALLY-UP-TO- DATE registered ACTIVE members are hereby requested to log on to the “MEMBERS’ ONLY” section of the NAPE website ( using their Membership ID and Password combination to cast their vote(s) online.

Please follow this link to access detailed election candidates’ profiles/manifestoes.


E-Voting via MEMBERS ONLY portal:

Access to the Members Only section ( obtained with your Member ID (or E-Mail) and Password combination. If you have forgotten your Password, click on the link   to request a password reset. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the instructions provided on the screen. You will be required to supply your NAPE Member ID in the format AC2014/1234 (i.e. AC+reg year/member#) OR E-Mail registered in the membership database and an auto-generated e-mail will be sent to the e-mailbox.

After you must have completed the process of obtaining your new Password, please log on to the MEMBERS ONLY section ( again with your Membership ID (or E-Mail) and Password combination to complete the voting process.


Voting Via Ballot Papers

Voting should, as much as possible, be done via the online e-voting platform.  PAPER BALLOTS ARE NOT THE PREFERRED OPTION and should only be used in exceptional cases. Personalized Ballot papers will be issued only on request. Please forward your request for voting via ballot paper to and copy

Kindly fill in your personalised ballot and forward this by e-mail to and copy not  later than TUESDAY OCTOBER 15, 2019. Any ballot cast after 11:59pm October 15, 2019 will not be counted.

All voters should please adhere strictly to the instructions stated on the Ballot Paper.

For further assistance with the voting process, kindly contact Tunde Adedeji at the NAPE Secretariat via

Support the growth of our Association by having a say in the election of those who will run her affairs for the next two years.

Thank you.

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