Education Programme

In a bid to ensure that members (individuals and corporate) are continually updated on latest Oil and Gas development of Nigeria’s Oil and Gas resources, NAPE organizes workshops, seminars, business lectures, short courses, continuing education schools etc.

Through these various specialist in the industry, the academia and representative of government come together to deliberate on issues which at various times have been adapted to the Nigerian economic situation. In particular, these often relate to the upstream sector of the Oil and Gas business in Nigeria. The Association has therefore progressively aided and undoubtedly shaped government polices over the years.


Monthly Technical Meetings

The monthly technical meeting is designed as a forum for updating members on industry technology and findings that are of interest. Papers are sourced from specialists. The presentation are usually sponsored by companies.



From time to time workshops and seminars are organised to address certain topical issues in the upstream sector of the oil industry. These usually incorporate practicing geoscientists, academia, government and related general public sector. Communique issued at such forum goes a long way to help government shape their policies.


NAPE Continuing Education Schools (NCES)

This holds at least once a year. It is NAPE’s contribution towards the training of personnel especially in the oil industry.

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