Dr. James Edet, FNAPE on state of 2022 NAPE Elections

Dr. James Edet, FNAPE; NAPE President

The 2022 NAPE election nomination submission is still on and will end in few days. The nomination closing date is now extended till Monday, May 23rd, to give room for more participation as some positions remain unfilled.

Due to the low level of participation in the nomination process and lack of interest being displayed by NAPE members, the president, Dr. James Edet, deemed it necessary to address members concerning the 2022 elections at the May Technical Meeting sponsored by Halliburton, which took place yesterday, 18th May 2022.

He thanked members for their commitment to NAPE with conference planning committees, and highlighted the need to address the low interest in elective positions.

According to him, “In most instances, when elections are called, we end up with no nominations for some positions and this is an occurrence that needs to be addressed.

His speech is as below:

“While I recognize the fact that members are very busy professionals working in a strategic industry and contributing to the socio-economic development of this nation, like everything else, if the place of technocrat advocacy is lost, then there will be no organization or no association that will be available to run by itself.
It is on this note that I would like to kindly plead with all members to take the NAPE elections more seriously.

The electoral committee this year has gone through the pains of making sure that there is a level playing ground for everyone who nominates himself or herself for any of the available positions. Kindly take advantage of the remaining 3 days to actively nominate themselves or their preferred candidates.

I am hereby pleading again with the extension of 3 days that we have left, that you kindly, within your organization, convince your leadership, convince yourself and make yourself available to volunteer to this great association. NAPE was made by people like ourselves who were in the industry.
It will be a shame to enjoy the benefits of the visionary and not have somebody or people who will be able to carry the touch for the future generation. Think about a NAPE where we do not have anyone contesting for an election, think about a NAPE where there is no president, think about a NAPE where there is no executive committee; that is the situation in which we will find ourselves if we do not begin to address this recurrent issues about the lack of our willingness and commitment to volunteer actively at the executive level for NAPE.

Like I mentioned earlier, I recognize that our organizations are very busy places but there is a place and strategic advantage for being a NAPE member; it exposes you to happenings beyond the four walls of your own organization, it creates for you strategic connections, strategic network as well as access to resources, access to industry expertise, knowledge sharing and knowledge showcasing beyond your organization.

Yes, your organization may be enough. But for your career advancement, you definitely need a NAPE to support your growth beyond your organizations. So I would like to also ask that you extend this message to the top management in your organization about supporting NAPE and, not from a punitive perspective of you doing association activities, but instead, positioning our support for NAPE as a contribution to the advancement of Geosciences and Upstream activities in Nigeria and even beyond.

This is my plea. NAPE members, please let’s arrest this situation together. Without you, there is no NAPE, so my expectation is that, with the election extension now granted till May 23rd, which happens to be on Monday and is three working days from now, I would like that we have a healthy competition across our available positions.

The good thing about this year is, the competition, campaigning, and distracting method that our elections have evolved to has been fully eliminated.
NAPE will be creating all campaign materials for all nominated personnel. NAPE will be doing the campaigning for everyone. Click Here to access campaigning guidelines
You do not need to do anything other than to show up and be ready to serve.”

While concluding his speech, he assured members of a level-playing ground for candidates while imploring organization leaders to support their staff to contribute to the growth of NAPE.

NAPE officers are elected through an election process by the membership and each position serves a two-year term, except the President-elect.

We are seeking candidates who are available and good fit for moving our association to the next growth level.

The available offices for nomination are:

Only financially up-to-date members are allowed to participate in this exercise.

For further enquiries on election and membership dues, kindly contact NAPE Membership Officer | abieyuwa.o@nape.org.ng | Click link below to access nomination forms and guideline, as well as the constitution.

For the 2022 NAPE Election Guidelines, Click Here.
For the 2022 Election Nomination Form, Click Here.
For the NAPE Constitution, Click Here.

We are counting on you to take action! This is our NAPE.

Dr. James Edet, FNAPE
NAPE President

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