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NAPE Constitution – Ammended November 2021

NAPE Constitution – old Constitution

Past Pre-Conference Workshop Themes

Past International Conference Themes



Shaping the Future of Oil Exploration and Production in Africa

Rift Basin Evolution and Petroleum System Development

Understanding the Petroleum Systems of the Cretaceous Basins


Application of Non-Seismic Methods for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Stratigraphic Evolution, Paleoenvironments and Petroleum Systems of the Dahomey/Benue Basin

Structure and Evolution of the Benue Trough

Two Dimensional Modelling of Subsurface Structures Over Upper Benue Trough and Borno Basin, Northeast Nigeria

Cretaceous Shallow and Deep‐Water Reservoirs Exploration: Analogs from West African Segments of the Transform Margin

Structural Styles and Basement Architecture of the Dahomey Basin from Geophysical Data

Synthesis of Late Cretaceous Geological Development of Nigeria

Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Central Benue Trough, Nigeria and its Potential Petroleum Systems

A Re-Think on the Stratigraphy of the Nigerian Chad (Bornu) Basin and its Implications on Petroleum Potentials

Petroleum Geochemistry of Early Cretaceous Lacustrine Sequences of Bima Formation, Northern Benue Trough, Nigeria

Interpretation of High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data to Estimate the Curie Point Depth Isotherm of Parts of Middle Benue Trough,North-East, Nigeria

Facies Analysis, Depositional Environments and Paleoclimate of the Cretaceous Bima Formation in the Gongola Sub – Basin, Northern Benue Trough, NE Nigeria

Geochemical and Petrographic Characterisation of Organic Matter from the Upper Cretaceous Fika Shale Succession in the Chad





Technical Meeting_Lagos 2019_April : Reservoirs Facies Modelling: Past, Present and the Future



Technical Meeting_Lagos 2018_January: The New Paradigms in Oil & Gas Exploration and Production and Implications for the Niger Delta

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2018_February: Frontier Basins Exploration: The Oppurtunities and the Challenges – From the R & D Challenges

Technical Meeting_UK/Europe 2018_March: From Incremental to Transformational Workflows: Contemporary Imaging and What Comes Next

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2018_September: Gas Monetisation and Commercialization: Gas Network Code – Issues and Challenges




Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_January: Enhanced Recovery in a Mature Field Utilizing MazeFlo™, an Innovative Sand Control Technology.

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_February: Integration of Petrophysical Data: Key to Mature Fields Rejuvenation

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_May: Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) Pressure Data Acquisition, Interpretation & Challenges: A Case Study from Offshore Niger Delta

Technical Meeting_UK 2017_June: The Role of Technology in Enhancing Field Reserves and Production

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_July: Opportunities and Challenges of Divested Asset Management –NPDC’s Experience

Technical Meeting_Uyo/Calabar 2017_July: Maximizing Asset Values Through Digitalization

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_August: Impact of FWI on Fault Shadow Imaging

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_September: Advanced Seismic Processing Methods for Imaging the Subsurface




Technical Meeting_Lagos 2016_January: Current Realities in the Upstream Sector of the Nigerian Oil And Gas Industry

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2016_February: Local Content Implementation: Contracting and Monitoring

Technical Meeting_Abuja 2016-April: Green & Brown Field Development, a Case For Associated Gas

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2016-May: The Status of Geoscience Education in Nigeria

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2016-June: Robust Appraisal Program: The link between discovered resource and field development

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2016-July: Integrating Sedimentology and Quantitative Rock Physics For Reservoir Characterization and Modeling in Field Development


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