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Technical Meeting_Lagos 2019_April : Reservoirs Facies Modelling: Past, Present and the Future



Technical Meeting_Lagos 2018_January: The New Paradigms in Oil & Gas Exploration and Production and Implications for the Niger Delta

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2018_February: Frontier Basins Exploration: The Oppurtunities and the Challenges – From the R & D Challenges

Technical Meeting_UK/Europe 2018_March: From Incremental to Transformational Workflows: Contemporary Imaging and What Comes Next

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2018_September: Gas Monetisation and Commercialization: Gas Network Code – Issues and Challenges




Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_January: Enhanced Recovery in a Mature Field Utilizing MazeFlo™, an Innovative Sand Control Technology.

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_February: Integration of Petrophysical Data: Key to Mature Fields Rejuvenation

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_May: Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) Pressure Data Acquisition, Interpretation & Challenges: A Case Study from Offshore Niger Delta

Technical Meeting_UK 2017_June: The Role of Technology in Enhancing Field Reserves and Production

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_July: Opportunities and Challenges of Divested Asset Management –NPDC’s Experience

Technical Meeting_Uyo/Calabar 2017_July: Maximizing Asset Values Through Digitalization

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_August: Impact of FWI on Fault Shadow Imaging

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2017_September: Advanced Seismic Processing Methods for Imaging the Subsurface




Technical Meeting_Lagos 2016_January: Current Realities in the Upstream Sector of the Nigerian Oil And Gas Industry

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2016_February: Local Content Implementation: Contracting and Monitoring

Technical Meeting_Abuja 2016-April: Green & Brown Field Development, a Case For Associated Gas

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2016-May: The Status of Geoscience Education in Nigeria

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2016-June: Robust Appraisal Program: The link between discovered resource and field development

Technical Meeting_Lagos 2016-July: Integrating Sedimentology and Quantitative Rock Physics For Reservoir Characterization and Modeling in Field Development


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