YP Technical Series held on17th March 2018 at NAPE Secretariat

The programme started at about 11:20am with 38 participants in attendance. The technical session was hosted by Mr. David Anomneze, NAPE YP Lead who introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Muyiwa Olawoki, Managing Consultant at Geospectra Nigeria Limited. Dr Muyiwa started by introducing himself and giving an insight on his over 30 years blossom professional career in the oil and gas industry before starting his own company. The guest speaker started by encouraging all in attendance to have passion for everything we do and thinking of geology like a personal hobby for the love of it not a profession for its monetary rewards which can guarantee growth. Dr. Muyiwa Olawoki treated the topic: “Seismic stratigraphy, A critical tool for future exploration efforts” by sharing the new dynamism in stratigraphy sequence mapping which has gradually moved from the earlier used lithostratigraphy section mapping to seismic stratigraphy interpretation in oil and gas prospecting in Nigeria. Types of depositional environments, coastal aggradation sediment distribution, crustal movement and eustatic sea level regimes which are keynote points on formation processes were broadly explained to the understanding of all. The local geology of the Niger Delta Basin was explained at length to make all participants more informed on our very own background knowledge. The relationship between strata and boundaries of depositional sequences which features the upper boundaries (erosional truncation, top-lap, concordance), lower boundaries (on-lap, down-lap) and seismic facies characteristics were extensively explained with highpoints such as bi-directional down-lap, basin floor fan, slope turbulent fan, reflection terminations, seismic reflection configurations and other sequence stratigraphy terminologies were also discussed. Dr. Muyiwa Olawoki taught all in attendance how to use stratigraphy to define reservoir with emphasises on first allowing the seismic data reveal itself by simply identifying its natural unique features before mapping. The guest speaker also showed how to use the occurrence of faults and depositional time units to determine the age of faults and reconstruct the life history of any seismic section given. A practical paper session followed afterwards as all participants were divided into five study groups to brainstorm and share knowledge on over five different seismic sections from indigenous fields in onshore and off-shore Nigeria given by the guest speaker highlighting all deliberated points earlier discussed. There were active technical contributions from professional guests, Dr. Ifeanyi Obi, SEG Sub-Saharan African Co-ordinator and Mr. Demola Lanisa, AAPG Africa YP Lead as they worked with all groups and gave brilliant ideas on how to map seismic sections by understanding the reservoir story. Dr Muyiwa  concluded the class by imbibing knowledge of reservoir risk evaluation approach and encouraging all to strive to learn more details about seismic interpretation and seismic stratigraphy interpretation as it is the future of the country’s oil and gas exploration. David Anomneze, NAPE YP Lead/SEG Sub-Saharan Africa EPIC Committee Representative appreciated the guest speaker Dr. Muyiwa Olawoki for making out time to pass such priceless knowledge to young professionals. Miss Chioma Ogbechie, NAPE YP Fin. Sec. gave the announcements after refreshments were served and David thanked all for coming and concluded the session.


Participants during questions and answer session



Group picture of participants with the guest speaker Dr. Muyiwa Olawoki

Correspondents from participants:
Mr. Imole Fashagba (FUTA graduate), “For me, the session was very educative, the event was well planned and executed. I would have loved if I started from the beginning, yet I learnt so much in a short time, Kudos to NAPE YP Lead and Officers”.

Miss Ifeyinwa Adueyi, “It was an educative and fantastic opportunity to learn and get clarity on a topic that has been confusing but the guest speaker took his time to explain indepth to my understanding. I thank Dr. Muyiwa Olawoki and the NAPE YP Officers, Well done!”


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