Short Course on Basic Logging Methods and Formation Evaluation

Basic Logging Methods Uyo2017

Brief Course Description

Basic Logging Methods and Formation Evaluation

The 4-day classroom course covers the principles, applications and interpretation of the most frequently used well logs. The main focus is on open hole wireline logs, while approx.
Advanced logging techniques, including Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Wireline Formation Testing and Sampling and Borehole Image Logging, and the basic principles and applications of Logging-While-Drilling will each be covered in approx. half a day.
The course is intensive and of a highly interactive nature with many quizzes and exercises.
Upon completion, participants:
•    have a solid understanding of the most frequently used well log acquisition and interpretation techniques;
•    be able to apply basic log quality control practices;
•    have a basic understanding of advanced logging tools and their applications in formation evaluation;
•    be able to confidently compute the main reservoir parameters porosity, lithology, shaliness and water saturation from basic well logs.

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Certificates of attendance were given to the participants at the end of the course.



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