AAPG/NAPE Joint Geosciences Technology Workshop

AAPG NAPE Workshop

Topic: Enhancing Mature Fields Life Cycles: The Role of New Technologies and Integrated Strategies
11-12 May 2017 | Lagos, Nigeria

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Petroleum exploration decreased globally in recent years and oil discoveries fell to a sixty year low in 2016. Key exploration projects have been suspended or cancelled due to the lingering low oil price business environment. Meanwhile, oil and gas production in mature fields are fast declining. In this critical business climate, oil and gas companies need innovative strategies and technologies to remain competitive and profitable. A key business strategy consists of extending the life cycles of mature assets either by extending the productive life of the field or by finding extensions to existing pools and new reservoir (or productive interval) discoveries. This requires a robust geological understanding of the depositional basin (environment) from plays to reservoirs. This knowledge therefore underpins other relevant strategic economic solutions.
This workshop will focus on the connection between a strong geological understanding of the fields and the deployment of relevant integrated multi-disciplinary technologies (e.g. acquisition/reprocessing of high-resolution seismic data, surveillance, water flooding, gas injection and other well optimization techniques) that aid the extension of mature fields’ life cycles. Several case studies/examples will be drawn from the Niger Delta and from similar clastic deltaic settings in several basins. There will be 5 detailed technical sessions namely:
Session 1: New Ideas and New Plays in Mature Basins
Session 2: Adding Resources by Finding By-Passed Pay
Session 3: Understanding of Stratigraphic architecture as a key to increasing resources
Session 4: Underexplored tight reservoirs in mature basins
Session 5: Technological advances in exploring mature basins


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