Open Letter from the NAPE President

Mr. Nosa Omororodion

Dear Esteemed member,
2016 has indeed been a very challenging and sometimes troubling year for the industry. These challenges are not just in Nigeria but globally, especially with economies largely dependent on oil price having to retool and rework their budgets to reflect the changing times. Companies, in the same vein, have been directly and indirectly impacted by the southward trend and the disruption this volatility of crude oil pricing has ushered in. Regardless of all these, the world will still require more energy in the coming years to advance global growth, economic prosperity and in order to lift billions of people out of poverty. As with every cyclical phase, I can confidently say, that this one too, shall come to pass. I am reminded of the legendary book by Robert Schuller….Tough times never last but tough people do. The kind of tenacity, the principle of positive thinking and the ability to put problems in perspective as well as the indomitable spirit that he wrote about in the book are required in our industry today.
I know many of our members are directly or indirectly affected especially with the resultant state of rightsizing that has seen numerous job losses and cutbacks. However, bleak it may seem I want to encourage you to keep your heads-up and to remind you that NAPE is working round the-clock to come up with palliatives and options that may help ease some of the attendant bites of the losses and cutbacks.
As a NAPE member, especially if you have been affected in some way directly or indirectly by the ongoing oil pricing fluctuation, I am writing to urge you to consider these palliatives and use them to retool yourselves where necessary. Some of the palliatives include:
1. Commencement of an online training platform to help retool and enhance your professional career
2. Career center for job postings and resources to help tide you through these trying times.
3. Health insurance scheme for members, associates, NAPE staff and their dependents
Items 1 and 2 above shall be offered free to members directly affected by the downturn. It is planned the online training platform and the career center will be available in Q2 2016. The University Assistance Program Chairperson and the Editor-in-Chief shall unveil the details in a separate communication
The NAPE health insurance scheme, which will be provided by leading local and international HMOs, will be available at negotiated discounted rates to all financial members of the association and their immediate family members. We hope this will be especially attractive to those members who may have lost such health benefits as a result of the downturn. If you have been affected by the cutback, please indicate so at the point of the registration. Details of the NAPE Health insurance scheme will be the subject of a separate communication
The downturn has undoubtedly provided opportunities for NAPE as an association to reposition and strengthen our programs and events; rethink our strategies, realign priorities; block leakages and stress test our readiness for rebound and growth.
We have just completed the clean-up of the membership database. We shall, before end of Q2, introduce some recognition scheme for those members whose sustained annual dues and commitment over the years has helped our association to get to where it is today. We shall be re-launching the awareness campaign for the voluntary annual contribution of two thousand naira only (N2000) to NAPE foundation by all members and the NAPE grant-in-aid support for University students. An Executive committee team led by the IPP has been constituted to review grey arrears in the constitution identified at the last AGM. We are providing opportunities for corporate entities to re-tool their craft to respond to the dynamics of change so they can formulate responsive actions to deliver sustainable improvements.
In the coming months we will be publishing two bulletins and a special business publication to enrich your membership experience. I want to assure you that in spite of the paucity of funds, we will still continue to subsidize our monthly Technical meetings in Lagos and across the Chapters. The students mini-conference will hold in June 2016 at the University of Ibadan as scheduled. Career talks on preparing for life outside the university and a special pre-mini-conference course on Petroleum System Concept: History, Types and Application by a respected member of the association Dr Joe Ejedawe FNAPE are some of the highlights of the student’s mini-conference.
No one can say for certain when this latest period of volatility will end, but as one wise person stated ‘’ what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger’’. For an association that prides itself on ideas that find oil and gas there is no better time to chew over the words of Park A Dickey (an AAPG honorary member and retired Professor of Geology from the University of Tulsa) that… ‘We usually find oil in new places with oil ideas. Sometimes we find oil in an old with a new idea. But we seldom find much oil in an old place with an old idea. Several times in the past we have thought we were running out of oil whereas actually we were only running out of ideas’.
As always exploration takes a back seat at times like this, however I argue that the reverse should be the case. Exploration and retooling of ideas that can help better find oil and gas, lower cost of production, human capacity development initiatives amongst many others can only thrive best during difficult and challenging times like this.
Thank you for your efforts and personal contributions as we work towards building and sustaining a virile, vibrant and professional association.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Nosa Omorodion, FNAPE
NAPE President
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