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NAPE is a non-profit organization. Its objectives and membership are governed by a set of Bye-Laws and its activities supported by corporate membership grants and donations to the worthy cause of educational development of students and professionals in the earth science community. Active and other membership subscriptions minimally cover the administrative expenses of the Association's Secretarial and periodic communication with the membership. In the spirit of continued growth of the profession and development of the scientific mind towards the economic advancement of our community, both locally and internationally, it is observed that a substantially higher level of funding is required to meet such (ever growing) needs.

Additionally, there is the desire to become less dependent on periodic corporate donations; rather, to establish a system whereby funds can be generated consistently without recourse to principals and dedicate same to specific programmes designed for continually meeting the Association's objectives.

Article XVII (Special Clause) of the Constitution and Bye-Laws of the Association states that "…the income and property of NAPE, whenever derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its objectives… And no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly … to the members of the Association." This clause is continually recalled as we examine ways to realize the vision of a NAPE Foundation.
The idea of establishing a NAPE Fund was first tabled in 1987. Twenty (20) years after the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Foundation was born. NAPE, which has affiliation with the AAPG, borrows a lot from the latter in terms of approach and methodology in executing its programmes. The first white paper on the NAPE Foundation was issued in September 1988. It provided background for setting targets for various Fund Utilities based on projected expenditures over a period of time. While these utilities remain valid in concept the projections for building the framework made ten years ago are certainly overtaken by economic events, essentially inflation. Therefore, the revised version of the NAPE Foundation Document will focus on basic principles on which the Foundation will be established and maintained. The funding mechanism will remain flexible to respond to changing economic climates over time, but subject to true needs of the Association as its programmes are implemented in meeting set object

All funds contributed or generated for the use of this initiative shall be separate from the membership subscriptions as specified in the Constitution and Bye-Laws. They shall also be reposed separately from such existing accounts.

Membership subscriptions will continue to be used largely for logistical running of the Secretariat affairs.

There shall be six Fund Utilities as defined below, all dedicated to specific programmes and activities.

Management of the Foundation shall be a Board of Trustees consisting of five people from the petroleum and Earth science business/academic community assisted by a Management Committee of six people who will handle day-to-day administrative of the funds. The Committee will work closely with NAPE Executive in ensuring a reconcilable spending and turn in a quarterly report to the Trustees who in turn will make same available at the Annual Meeting of the Association.
Fund targets shall be set periodically by the Trustees and Management Committee, over and above a base operating level, to meet the needs of each Utility.

The base operating shall be established on initiation of the Foundation by a joint session of the Trustees and NAPE Executive, considering the long-term aspirations of the Association and the projected economic climate.

The six Fund Utilities, as stipulated in the Foundation principles are identified as follows:
NAPE Education Fund

This is to provide support for Continuing Education programmes of NAPE membership and the rest of the Petroleum and Earth Science community through the periodic technical meetings, formal training schools, workshops, seminars and conferences.

NAPE Research/University Assistance Fund

This is to promote, aid and support studies and research efforts in Petroleum exploration, exploitation and related earth science projects in Universities. It will also serve to provide teaching aids to augment facilities existent in these universities to upgrade standards. This is similar to the AAPG Research Fund.

NAPE Travel Fund

This is created to provide funds for defraying travel expenses of foreign distinguished lecturers at NAPE or NAPE-supported programmes. It may also, at the discretion of the Trustees/Management Committee, be applied to sponsoring University professors to participate in NAPE Continuing Education programmes. This may be likened to the objective for which the AAPG Bennison Fund was created.

NAPE Publication Fund

This is to support the publication of NAPE Bulletins, Newsletter, and other publications. This may be likened to the objective for which the AAPG Pratt Bulletin Fund was created.

NAPE Awards Fund

This takes care of awards made by NAPE for various achievements annually and awards donated by individuals/corporate organizations for specific purposes as well. Awards offered by entities other than NAPE will carry conditions stipulated by such donors and will be identified appropriately in the Fund, though NAPE reserves the right to reject or accept any such donations.

NAPE Special Projects Funds

This fund will be short term and identified with respect to the project in question. It is possible that more than one project be implemented concurrently or that it be funded/executed jointly with other organizations. For example, a typical project might be the establishment of a Convention Center for the use of NAPE and other professional organizations in the industry. On completion of such project, the fund will be suspended until a new project is born.


Board of Trustees

They will be charged with administering the Foundation by reviewing the framework from time to time, setting targets to meet objectives, and raising funds to set up the Funds Utilities. They will ensure sustenance through using meaningful growth instruments and also disburse funds to execute programmes as scheduled and approved by the NAPE Executive. These individuals are looked up to in the Association membership and industry at large in setting examples favourable to the cause of the Foundation.

Five people, made up as follows, will constitute the Board of Trustees.

  • One Honourary NAPE member
  • One Member of the Chamber of Commerce
  • One OPTS Chief Executive (Corporate Member)
  • NAPE President (Incumbent)
  • One NAPE Fellow (non-executive)
  • The NAPE President will head the Board of Trustees. A Secretary to the Board, who shall be a legal professional and shall have no voting rights, will also be appointed to serve on the board.

FUND Management Committee

They will assist the Trustees in the day-to-day administration of the Fund Utilities and will carry out duties as directed by the Trustees including but not limited to funds disbursement and accounting.

Six people, made up as follows, will constitute the Fund Management Committee:

  • NAPE Executive Director
  • NAPE President-Elect
  • NAPE Treasurer
  • One Petroleum Service Company Executive (NAPE Member)
  • One University Professor (NAPE Member)
  • One Active NAPE Member (non-executive)

The President-Elect will head this committee.

Members of the Board of Trustees; and the Fund Management Committee, who shall be appointed by the NAPE Executive, will serve no longer than a three-year tenure. Incumbent Executive Committee members (i.e. President, President-Elect, Treasurer) and the Executive Director shall serve only for as long as their executive tenure of office enables them to serve.

Operating Financials

The instruments for managing the Fund Utilities should be established in the same set of institutions as the Association operates its regular accounts, though under different titles. This will enhance opportunities for growing the funds and reduce complexities in managing the financial structure.

The base financial operating level for each Fund Utility should be determined using the current average annual capital and recurrent expenditure levels of the Association. This should be used in estimating the start-up contributions desired for each utility in order to achieve meaningful funds growth for long-term sustenance. For example, NAPE currently (1997/98) spends an average of N12million currently annually to execute its programmes and run the Secretariat. This expenditure level excludes any special projects or benevolent activities like Research and Travel support. Such objectives will need to be built into the estimates to determine the appropriate targets for each Fund Utility.

The first five of the listed utilities together (excluding Special Project Fund) will attract approximately N45 million, which is double the estimate for meeting recurrent needs annually under the prevailing economic climate. It is safe to start with a base double the estimated annual requirements so as to provide room for growth and facilitate sustenance of the funds. A breakdown of the components of the N45 million, by Utility, follows:

  •     Education Fund - N15.00 million
  •     Research / Utilities Assistance Fund - N2.00 million
  •     Travel Fund - N1.60 million
  •     Publications Fund - N2.60 million
  •     Awards Fund - N1.30 million

Since a Special Project has to be defined before an expenditure level can be determined, no recommended level is made for this Utility. The N1.30 million for Awards is the high end of this category and includes anticipated donations from non-members as well.



The NAPE Foundation will be formally launched at one of the monthly technical meetings of the Association. Before the launching, the Board of Trustees and Management Committee shall be constituted and their identities publicized during the launching ceremony. Work to initiate the Fund Utilities shall follow thereafter.

Any change in the membership of the Board of Trustees or Management Committee will be decided by the Executive during their first meeting following each Annual Conference. Such changes will be published in the following issue of NAPENews.

This is a Living Document and is subject to review at the discretion of the Executive of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationist, NAPE.


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